Dealing with seasonal weather shifts is one of the least favorite chores for any homeowner. There are some basic ways of dealing with this that make it a little easier, especially if the homeowner is willing to do some preparation as well as organize the garage a little as part of that preparation. The obvious first step is that each season should be met with a deep cleaning of the home with some chores keyed to various annual events: Batteries for fire detectors should be done when clocks are changed, for example, the roof should be repaired and rugs should be shampooed every six months. Roof repair can be a daunting task which is why companies such as JBS roofing are a great resource. However, each season does have some simple chores to be dealt with.

 Winter is the most obvious and has the longest checklist. The house needs to be weather-proofed, and this can be a little more complicated than expected. Doors and windows need to be checked for leaks, with their seals replaced if necessary. Vents should also be checked so as to ensure that there are no blockages. If the house has a propane tank, it needs to be filled for the oncoming winter. If the area gets any kind of precipitation, then rubberized mats should be put near every entrance and exit. As a final step, coats should be placed where they are easy to get to.

Spring requires a little more labor. The yards must be reseeded, gardens and flowers planted, and the gutters cleaned. Amy winter damage to the home must be repaired, even though they can wait until summer. It is advised that the air conditioning be checked before hot weather comes, and the pool and hot tubs should be thoroughly cleaned as well. Any outside gills should be cleaned as well and ready to go.

Summer requires little work, but a lot of maintenance. Trees should be pruned, an lawns mowed and weeded; any vegetables should be harvested as needed. This should be a season of play, but any major home projects should be done during this season in order to take advantage of the lack of rain and extra help from the younger citizens of the home. School shopping should also be done in order to eliminate the usual rush.

Fall is one mostly of cleaning and food preparation. Harvested fruits and vegetables should be pickled and jarred, and the yards should be raked and cleaned. All told, most of your time should be spent in the kitchen ensuring that the pantry is well stocked for winter. With a little bit of planning, you can have a beautiful, well-stocked home that can be enjoyed by anyone.